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Living a high-class Hipster lifestyle in wealthy London Mayfair    

Wall Street to London; how a new Hipster lifestyle has helped me to live free 


I used to be a young professional that lived and worked in New York.  Working for blue-chip company in the big city was very demanding and my work lifestyle was wearing me down.  I really craved a time will come when commercial and corporate America will stop dictating my life, so I looked for a new lifestyle… the Hipster lifestyle.  Finally, I was able to have a stress-free life and quit my regular job.  I decided to take up residence in a hipster oasis of Silver Lake and throw away my suite.   

 View of the London Skyline

When I needed to experience something new, I left New York for a better life in a city that better catered for my new lifestyle, so I chose London.  Although I took an oath of poverty, I still wanted to enjoy the wealth which I built up from my arduous work in New York.  When arriving to London, I immediately realised that the city was very accommodating for Hipsters that wanted to live a refined lifestyle as it had everything a rich Hipster desired! 


A sin city with the best adult entertainment to enjoy a wealthy lifestyle   


With many designer shops, vintage music stores, upper class casinos, premier gentleman’s clubs, fantastic adult entertainment and luxury cocktail bars for a seriously swanky drink, the choice for having fun was endless.  Not to mention the high class adult entertainment which I will discuss more soon.  


I stayed in a luxury hotel in Park Lane, whilst searching for a more permanent place to settle down in.  This gave me the opportunity to experience the VIP hospitality concierge service that organised just about anything I needed.  That’s how I found out about the #1 Strip Club in London that offers the ultimate experience in adult entertainment, liquors, fine dining and other perks.   

 After experiencing some great adult entertainment, I saw London as a sin city and needed to find out how to meet sexy women.  Luckily my concierge service was able to provide me with details a few leading high-class escort agencies based in Mayfair.  I wanted to experience the best escort models that London ad to offer, and I needed an elite escort for the night.  So, I phoned around asking for recommendations and private photos of top end models.  The hotel I stayed at was very accommodating with guests, and I had no problem of booking an outcall escort to my hotel room.  The concierge company even arranged some Champagne on ice to enjoy with my gorgeous blonde companion.